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When it comes to finalizing your wedding budget, a huge share goes to food.  To make the most of your investment, you must choose an experienced caterer.

The team at Creative Catering MB understands how important the food at your big day is to you.  They believe that you should get the best of both worlds for your wedding meal – the taste of home-cooked food, and the convience of having a professional do all the work for you.

That’s what they offer – professional catering that taste like home style.  They believe that tasty food brings people together and will focus on preparing the most delicious dishes on your magical day.

Whether you’re a bride planning her dream wedding, a corporate planner in charge of an extravagant holiday gala, a sales representative looking for lunch delivery to a client or a service club in need of dinner on a budget, Creative Catering MB has the menu and services for you.

Bringing people to the table since 2010, Creative Catering MB is a family-owned business committed to providing handcrafted food and exceptional service at affordable prices.

Chef Jay Benson


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